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Cadillac ATS 2.0T and ATS 2.5 Review

I’d been looking forward to driving the Cadillac ATS for a long time, and fate finally handed the keys to one for me, when the BMW X5 xDrive35i I rented broke down, and the “only thing they had available” was a jet-black ATS 2.0T.

I’ve read so many reviews of the ATS vs others in the 3-series-fighter category, that I had a bunch that I wanted to see for myself.    Is it as engaging to drive as folks say?  Does CUE really suck that much?   Is the engine of the ATS 2.5 really that awful – I mean, it has 201hp right?


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My name is Tad Reeves, and I am a certified AEM Dev/Ops Engineer, cycling enthusiast, train & transit junkie, and father of three. I’m currently an Adobe Experience Manager Architect, consulting for ICF Next, as well as for other companies.

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