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Learn Scientology in the Correct Sequence

As anyone who has studied Scientology will tell you, it’s immensely important to learn the subject at a proper gradient, studying the materials in their proper sequence.   It’s one of the major breakthroughs L. Ron Hubbard made when he developed Study Technology (something you can learn on a free on-line course).

Unfortunately, when it came to the most basic Scientology Materials, it was not always the easiest task to pick your way through what a proper “gradient” was, as there as no map to tell you which book to read first or next.   The result was, for many, choosing a first Scientology book by its cover, and only finding out if it was the wrong gradient by digging into it and either getting through it — or not.

Fortunately for all of us, an immense amount of work was put in to charting and mapping all of the Scientology & Dianetics materials, all of LRH’s thousands of lectures, and arranging them in a sequence where ANYONE can just pick up their first book and study it, and know precisely what their next book is so as to gain a full and usable understanding of Scientology.

Scientology Materials Guide Chart

Scientology Materials Guide Chart

That map is the Materials Guide Chart. It shows all Ron’s books and lectures with a full description of their content and subject matter so you can find exactly what you are looking for and precisely what you need.

Since each book and lecture is laid out in chronological sequence, you can see how the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology were developed – just by studying this chart.

I can tell you personally that after being in Scientology since 9 years of age, and reading every book under the sun totally at random, it has been the most revealing thing to simply study these materials in sequence.

It’s much like when I first learned about computers — I learned all about hard drive spindle speeds and frontside-bus overclocking before I even knew any of the basics of what made a computer tick.  It made for no ability to evaluate what was important data, and what was just an aside.

Right now I’m midst my second time going all the way through The Basics books & lectures.  I’m listening to the Thought, Emotion & Effort lectures and am again just floored.   Nonstop, I’m finding data that I can use to change fixed conditions in life and handle pieces of my day-to-day relationships and work that I never thought I could change.

But I’ll tell you — I would not even be able to have any of the “oh, my God…”, life-shifting epiphanies about life if I hadn’t had a foundation of knowledge given by the earlier books.

Conversely, I have buried myself in “advanced” Scientology books only to be befuddled or confused, as I was missing the data just before it that explained the whole thing.

So, for anyone looking to get involved with Scientology – I’d heartily recommend getting the free Materials Guide Chart that you can get from the Bridge website, and see where you should begin.  I think it will answer a lot of questions for you.

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