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Scientology Library Campaign: Why West Africa?

On a post just made here, Scientologists are banding together to finish donating sets of books to libraries throughout West Africa.  Only Ghana and Nigeria remain, per the map which you can get from Bridge Publications Library Campaign.

I figured I’d write a little further on this, however, as I have a special place in my heart for West Africa, for a number of reasons.

A promising young face in Ghana

A promising young face in Ghana

Firstly, I know from comments I’ve had on my blogs that there is tremendous interest in West Africa for Scientology.  They are a people that, with education and proper tools for organization, ethics, study, and morals, could really transform themselves into an extremely productive and vibrant part of the world.   And they’re also a people that know that what plagues them is a long spiral of violence and that could be handled with Dianetics & Scientology technology, were they to have the technology for such.  All the more reason to get the Scientology Basics into maximum accessibility by placing them in every library in the region.

But to illustrate why West Africa, I’d have to say you’d want to watch the presentation of the International Association of Scientologists Freedom Medal to Mr. Tim Bowles, at this year’s IAS Anniversary event.

If you’ve not seen this, take a trip in to your nearest Church of Scientology and check it out.  It’s really quite moving.

But if you get International Scientology News, you’d see this lead-in, which illustrates the matter:

“Between Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone lies a place very close to hell.  It’s a place where they’ll say even God gave up, and there’s no language adequate to convey the horror.  This is where “blood diamonds” were mined.  This is where adolescent killers were created.  This is where rape became a weapon of war, and rebels hacked off the hands of twenty thousand villagers to stop them from voting.  Then again, this is where the crimes now legally qualify as an insult to all humanity.  Even today, if you tell them you’re working for human rights, they’ll wish you good luck and show you the door.”

Following this is the moving story of Mr. Tim Bowles and the magnificent and courageous work he’s done in Ghana and Liberia in the name of human rights.

Again – see the event itself in your Scientology organization if you haven’t already, but it definitely makes me think how much could be done if this people really did have an education, and a way out of this mess available to them.

All the more reason, from my perspective, that we get all the help we can get to finish off those final 12 libraries in Ghana and 125 libraries in Nigeria, so that the technology of life is indeed available to these people.  Leave a comment on this blog, or just write straight to the people at the International Scientology Library Campaign to find out how you can help.

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One comment on “Scientology Library Campaign: Why West Africa?

  1. Justsomeone
    April 20, 2009

    Hi, if you choose to read on I should disclose I am a member of Anonymous.

    I just read your post and I must say that I really do not understand this.

    Really, for these people food, shelter and water are more important than books aimed at their spiritual development.

    I am happy for you that you feel you find valuable things in Scientology and of course you want to share that with the world.

    But people pay retail prices for library donation books. That means that the vast majority of your donation goes to Scientology, not to Africans.

    If you give money to this campaign and seriously belief your money has reached Africans in the most effective way, well all I can say is: you are wrong, delusional even.

    Please do not be mistaken, I wish you nothing but happiness. But I also shake my head in misunderstanding of how misplaced your zealousness is in this case.


    PS. Check your local library whether the books Scientology donated to them are really on the shelves. They could be of course, but the simple reality is that librarians do not take kindly to unsollicited books. Shelve space is limited and most library donation books are binned or sold off.

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