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Deep-Linking to New Dianetics Videos

For anyone looking to explain to others what Dianetics is, what the different books of Dianetics are, and what parts of life that it addresses, this was previously an ordeal of paging through the Dianetics website trying to find text might explain it to someone new to the subject.

Now it’s dead-easy with the new Dianetics site, as there are literally videos that explain every facet of the subject, including new videos that individually explain the other introductory books of Dianetics, including Dianetics: The Original Thesis, Dianetics: Evolution of a Science, and Self Analysis.

Dianetics Video Channel Sitemap

Dianetics Video Channel Sitemap

Now, the best tool for someone looking to promote Dianetics on the net (either by sending emails to friends or blog post like mine here) is the new sitemap.   Despite the fact that Dianetics is an all-flash website, you can deep-link to various parts within the website easily, using the sitemap.

This includes features like the new individual book videos, the individual video stories of people who have used Dianetics, videos with excerpts of the Dianetics audiobook, and the Extension Courses available for Dianetics.

The new "look inside" feature of the Dianetics site lets you open up and read an excerpt of the Dianetics Book

The new look inside feature of the Dianetics site lets you open up and read an excerpt of the Dianetics Book

But perhaps the neatest feature that is available from the new site, I think, is the ability for one to quickly see a video description (in any language) of each of the beginning books of Dianetics.  I personally find myself explaining Dianetics to people all the time, even if it’s just to the person that sells me server motherboards — so having a video that does this for me is excellent.

The Video Explaining the Self Analysis Book

The Video Explaining the Self Analysis Book

These videos (and actually, all this content) is currently in 16 languages on the website.  I hope it will soon be more, too!

Right now, the Dianetics site is in English, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Hebrew (!), Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish.

Have a look!

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2 comments on “Deep-Linking to New Dianetics Videos

  1. Grahame
    October 10, 2008

    Thanks for this. I will be using the deep linking. It is so great to have a site map so you can get to stuff directly.

  2. JetteroHeller
    November 28, 2008

    Grahame –

    Glad you liked these. I think the new features of the site are incredible, personally. So many people I’ve run into just want a succinct explanation of what Dianetics is, and these little videos — or the “look inside” feature on the book, explain it better than any product description could.

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