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Scientology Axioms: Test of a Science

I’m re-listening to the Thought, Emotion & Effort lectures by L. Ron Hubbard right now, and came across a neat quote while listening.

He’s giving a lecture about the Scientology Axioms, and gives this “test of a Science” that I thought was interesting:

“…we now have something which is a mathematical science — mathematical.  The test of a science is in, does it need phenomena which does not exist in fact in order to prove itself?  Does it explain existing phenomena?  And will it predict phenomena which, when looked for, will be found to exist in fact?” — LRH

I thought this interesting, especially after reading the Advanced Procedure and Axioms book the first time, and also after having read the earlier book, Dianetics: Evolution of a Science in terms of explaining what it is this book represents in terms of the scientific basis of Scientology.

I think that anyone striving to understand what Scientology is based on should actually be striving to come to an understanding of these axioms!   As, especially for an engineering type like me, it makes it way easier to think with and work with.

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