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Bad-Ass new Blackberry from RIM

I usually keep my blog posts limited to things that I feel very strongly about, things like Scientology, the truth about Drugs, L. Ron Hubbard’s books, SEO, and soccer.  (?)  But now that I’m a Blackberry user again I take a bigger interest in their new releases.

I think this new little guy rocks.  My only issue with it is (once again) there’s no NexTel Direct Connect feature.

I think it’s terrible that NexTel phones always seem to have full-generation lag behind any of the new, cool items from RIM, Apple, Palm, etc. 

My BlackBerry 7100i is sort of neat, but man – no camera, crap keyboard, and I really, really don’t have a screen that looks like that.

But, the Direct Connect is a feature I can’t live without, meaning that I can’t REALLY have a convergence device that’s got the nifty new cutting edge features.

Please if RIM would make a version of this that would work on Nextel’s iDen network!

Ref:  RIM BlackBerry Bold/BlackBerry 9000 makes official debut | Tech news blog – CNET

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This entry was posted on May 12, 2008 by in technology.
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