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Dianetics Blogs on WordPress

Now that our great guys at WordPress have release a search tool for WordPress, I’m finally able to see how many great Dianetics-related blogs there are on WordPress. It’s actually a pretty buzzing community!

The search results are great, though:

19 April 2008 by turbotad on Basics Book-a-Thon!
…  from around the world of you in action on this weekend’s Dianetics & Scientology Basics Book-A-Thon!  We’ve got but a handful …

You get the link, author, tags, etc, in the search engine result pages, so it’s real straightforward to see what you’re getting, or better, to cross-search for other similar posts that have your desired tags on them.

Of course, I’m a bit enamoured with the Dianetics book-a-thon that’s happening right now, so I was pleased that this showed as number one, but a lot of other neat ones showed too:

Like Luana’s post on reading the new edition of Dianetics:

29 August 2007 by Luana on Luana’s Haven
…  just realized that I am rolling through a section of the Dianetics book which previously needed ‘extra attention and concentration’! …  that been made, this is the most fun I have had with Dianetics (the modern science of mental health)! It is not that I am able to …
Tags: Religion, Human Rights, Scientology™, David Miscavige, L. Ron Hubbard, Church of Scientology, Scientology HandbookAnyhow, while I did just up and search for Dianetics first, just to check out how the engine worked, I am just additionally impressed by how powerful it is to be able to search WordPress blogs — as I commonly a searching for a technical answer which many times is answered already by the WordPress community.

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