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Media Drones Milking Tom Cruise Bio for All It’s Worth

Tom Cruise Unauthorized bioI’ve grown completely bored of all of the “NEWSFLASH” news that’s been plastered all over the net this past week concerning this compilation of 3rd-hand opinions and concoctions about Mr. Cruise, Mr. David Miscavige and Scientology that has been humorously referred to as a “biography”. 

However, the MSN home page today took the cake for me once again, with the witty little sub-head of, “Slate highlights the juicy parts.” 

This is like taking note of a 20-day old container of half-eaten Chinese take-out found in a dumpster, and wanting to “highlight the juicy parts”.  It seems like the most undesirable and foul-smelling thing I can think of, never mind being a completely worthless waste of time.  

The only interesting thing I could find in the MSN article was a link to the official statement by the Church of Scientology International, which actually gives the facts related to this explosion of archetypal media hyperventilation.

In any case, after reading this, I side with reviewer Mark Harris, in that I feel “…two seconds older if two IQ points dumber” reading my great source of “daily news”.   I’m going back to reading my good book, Science of Survival, so I can better spot such rot before I end up investing 10 minutes of my precious morning and 65 watt-hours of my computer’s precious CPU time.


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10 comments on “Media Drones Milking Tom Cruise Bio for All It’s Worth

  1. Grahame
    January 16, 2008

    I’m with you! When you read the statement from the Church you realize what a bigot Andrew Morton really is.

    There is even an official retraction from a British newspaper of some lies Morton told them that they were foolish enough to publish.

  2. Joxe Arkaitz
    January 16, 2008

    It’s hilarious to see how easy is to brainwash people. Apparently someone has been busy inventing nonsenses about Tom Cruise and throwing them to the press people for years and it’s Andrew Morton’s turn now – the man just invented a Tom Cruise biography which is to say a lie-ography. The funniest thing of this all is that the media believe the lies and publish them and part of the public fall in the trap too. I wonder who is crazy here… We have seen so many lies published about Tom Cruise in the last couple of years like the placenta story and that Suri didn’t exist that I wonder how some people can still believe those crazy stories… What’s next? That Katie Holmes is actually the daughter of Snow White? Or that Tom Cruise was made of wood and then became human like Pinocchio? Any media reporting those lies should be ashamed. And the people believing them should seriously worry about their mental health.

  3. Roberto
    January 16, 2008

    Its almost a none attention issue that demands attention because of the insanity. I always admire doers, I use it to Judge people, there are doers and spectators. In my observation Tom is a doer, he definetly does things, is active, in business, family, groups and even projects to help mankind. Mr Morton is a spectator, he sits and watches life, maybe he watched life too long without actually creating his own life and now is inventing things that are not there. Trying to sell a book to others who instead of living , read what a spectator thought he saw. Mr Morton should try to become a doer. Not trying to offend but seems to me Mr Morton’s little soul would probably like to be Tom Cruise and since he can’t …he trys to attack it. Poor soul.

  4. Valerie
    January 16, 2008

    Oddly enough, I haven’t run into the headlines on comcast or yahoo yet. They are still busy sharing all the sordid details of Brittany’s troubled life and wondering if Brad REALLY loves Angelina and is the Terminator show gonna make it? The really important items that we should focus our attention on.

  5. Julia
    January 16, 2008

    I know what you mean! When I opened my MSN page, I think I snorted slightly and then went on with my life. The only thing that makes sense in all this nonsense is the official statement from the Church.

  6. Lu
    January 16, 2008

    Morton bends the truth just in one direction: “How does it make money for me?” No wonder a majority of readers are sick and tired of his blabber.

  7. Mikel
    January 17, 2008

    Heya Tad,

    This is a classic example of a “journalist” who has nothing better to do than attack someone’s religion. It makes me sad that someone would do this, and not even bother looking at the good we do as Scientologists, like our anti drug education ( and all the other great campaigns we have.

    Good to see that article by Mark Harris got it right, “an air sandwich”.


  8. Jimmy G
    January 17, 2008

    As someone who’s not a scientologist and even had some reservations about Scientology, only due to some of their beliefs and practices, I can only say the following…

    1. I read the Official Statement from the Church and I’m glad they wrote it, it cleared up some misconceptions I had.. including the one about L Ron Hubbard being on “psychotic” drugs at the time of his death. Hell, I took “Allegra” a couple of times. I guess I’m in the same club.. LOL

    2. Mr. Morton is an ass.

    3. While I’m not really that crazy about Tom Cruise’s movies, I find him an “involved” person, in life and in how he spoke about psychiatry and other issues.

    I wouldn’t waste my money on any of Morton’s books. I think Mr. Cruise would be wise to NOT sue anyone and let the court of public opinion handle Mr. Morton. I am certainly by no means a supporter of Scientology, however, I have (and that mean I DID) read 2 books by Hubbard, and I found them very easy to understand, pretty much straightforward and to the point. No way can I say I wasted my time. With any of Morton’s books, I KNOW I’d be wasting my time…and Mr. Cruise; please keep on endorsing your religion. If you were a Methodist or a Catholic I suspect their would not be the same kind of controversy for the conviction of your faith…

  9. Eric
    January 26, 2008

    You realize by posting this, you are simply promoting it more? When one google’s Scientology Blogs, your site comes up and the first thing I learned was about this book. With your overtly defensive response, I have to wonder if there is any truth to these crazy accusations.

  10. jetteroheller
    January 26, 2008

    Well, at least you recognize that they’re crazy – as that they are. 🙂 I guess some people could be offended at such, but for me I treat it the same as when someone walks up to me and says that they are a martian with 6 heads, and how come they’re the only one that sees it.

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