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Windows Vista: 6 hours on hold to activate

Waiting on Hold for Microsoft Vista Activation, originally uploaded by jetteroheller.

I just broke my world record for waiting on hold for tech support: 6.5 hours on hold to try to activate my copy of Windows Vista.

I thought I was frightened enough when reading the EULA for Windows Vista, in that it basically says your whole computer can be searched for data by Microsoft, and Microsoft promises it won’t use the data gathered for commercial benefit. It explicitly doesn’t say nobody else can, though.

Anyway, if you read my last two posts on Windows Live Writer and Windows Experience benchmarking, I was actually starting to like Vista. There’s no SSH client in the world as good as Konsole on KDE, but fine.

Yesterday, however, things all went to heck. I’m 5 days into my Vista install, and it all of the sudden randomly decided I needed to ‘activate’ my install. I’m not doing anything fishy, and have an OEM license for Vista, so figured this shouldn’t be a problem.

However, things didn’t go well. As soon as Vista told me to activate, it whacked out my screen settings so that I couldn’t really even see what I was doing. So, I rebooted. This then put me in no-access-activate-right-now-you-dirty-old-man mode, where you can either activate on-line or over the phone only, and nothing else. So, I attempted to activate on-line. It accepted my code, but then said there was a problem using it, and I couldn’t be activated.

So, I then tried option 2, which was to call up Microsoft and activate using their super-nifty automated activation service. I tried this, called them up, punched in my codes, and they said I punched in the right code, but my activation wouldn’t work.

So, I then tried option 3, which was to call up Microsoft and talk to someone on the phone.

I then proceeded to wait on-hold for 6.5 hours on a Thursday, trying to have an Activation Expert Debugger or whatever try to help me.

They had 1 song on their hold music, an early ’90s ballad that sounded like a bad rendition of a bad ’70’s ballad, interspersed with “we have an unusually high call volume” messages.

Eventually, my call was ended by an unfortunate person who came in to my office to use my phone, didn’t look before he pressed the button, and hung up on Microsoft.

Oh, well, it’s for the better. I’m going back to Linux. Fedora Core 6 has no such worries. It has perfect hardware driver support too, so all I do is put the DVD in and it works.

I know there’s no Dreamweaver for Linux, which is my main other grudge in life, but as L. Ron Hubbard said in his organizational policy entitled, SERVICE,
“Service is the watchword. Orderly service is preferable to disorderly service, but any service is better than no service.” –LRH.


6 comments on “Windows Vista: 6 hours on hold to activate

  1. Casper
    March 23, 2007

    Have you ever tried as an alternative for Dreamweaver on Linux? It works pretty well.

  2. airtonix
    March 24, 2007

    maybe you should just use :
    – gedit to edit
    – firefox & konqoueror to preview it
    – apache php mysql to server it via the CMS of drupal 5
    – use for best-practices references with regards to webdev

    thats what i do…

    when someting goes wrong……
    i know exactly what it is

    plus many people mistake the designing of a webpage. thinking its a pixel based thing like computer games and posters…..

    not realising that the smallest unit is a character still.. and that the output is not only a 4:3 CRT ora 22×66″ poster. wrist-watches are to be considered and ticket-tape printers from 1490ad

    the point of html is to provide a cross-platform, cross-display-device framework for rendering information to an output in a suitable fasion depending on the reader software being used and the configuration decided upon by the user.

    flash and pdf go against this, and require the orginal author to edit the stufff reliably. to bad if they just had a car accident last night, mmm docotrs think its a comma for life type thing…too bad for you.

    anyway, wysiwyg type progs. are appliances…white goods. and in the end you might just end up forgetting what the dt and dd tags are for.


  3. kabababrubarta
    March 26, 2007

    Nice design! kabababrubarta

  4. brothertruffle 8-80
    May 3, 2007

    Microsoft has become the monster it once fought. A bureaucracy indifferent to customers, unresponsive to communication and scornful of any criticism.

    My main PC is still running Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and Word 6. What else do I need to write letters and manage my phone book.

  5. marvelk
    May 4, 2007

    After working with PC’s for many years, I almost went out to buy an Apple Macbook. But after discovering that you had to emulate windows on the Mac in order to install a local web server like MS’s IIS server, to work on web projects, I decided to keep my WinXP os.

    I tried the, supposed latest and greatest, Vista, but then some older programs stopped working (ie. Flash 8).

    I’ve tried some of the opensource platforms (mostly FreeBSD with KDE but I love the ease and simplicity of the linux distro, knoppix) . But it didn’t take long before I started to crave for World of Warcraft gaming.

    Bottomline is, at this point in time, for what I do with computers, WinXP is for me. To each their own, cheers!

    January 13, 2009


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