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The Windows Vista Experience Index Benchmark

I’ve been a benchmarking guy pretty much ever since I got into computers.  For me, before it was computers, it was cars — and as a little kid I could rattle off the 0-60 time for just about anything sold on the American market.  Back in ’96, I read an article in the newspaper about Anand Lal Shimpi, founder of, and how he was only 16 years old but spent his whole day each day benchmarking computers and making a website to publish the results.  Seemed like the ideal life, as far as I was concerned, to sit on the buttocks benchmarking computers.  After getting a bit more involved in Scientology I realized that being productive of positive changes in the world was quite a bit more rewarding, but still I like my benchmarks.

 Well, despite my grudges about Windows Vista not being able to run 3DS Max, one thing I really do like about it is that it comes with a built-in benchmarking App.  As I just bought some new hardware for my box, I was quite interested in how it performed:

This is with (as reported) a Core2 Duo at 1.86Ghz, Kensington PC2-5300 RAM, for storage a Seagate Cheetah 15k RPM, 73GB drive, hooked to an Adaptec 29160 PCI SCSI adapter.  Probably could have scored way better with a proper SCSI card and a motherboard that was more expensive than $30.

One thing I couldn’t find too much of on the net, however, was a datum of comparable magnitude.  I don’t see too many other Windows Experience scores posted.  So, I’m curious.  What’s yours? 


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