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Casperize: My Italian Scientology Counterpart

Casperize: My Italian Scientology Counterpart, originally uploaded by jetteroheller.

Another of my blog visitors just pointed out to me http;// – a blog run by an Italian Scientologist who oddly enough blogs about just about all the same sort of stuff as I do — only in italian!

I really wish I could understand what he’s saying, as half the time it looks interesting. I can see when he’s talking about the Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Genoa or what-have-you, as that’s pretty plain. Otherwise, I have to rely on the graphics he uses to describe whatever tech stuff he’s talking about.

I never talked to the guy before though, so funny that we both happen to be blogging the same thing.

2 comments on “Casperize: My Italian Scientology Counterpart

  1. Casper
    March 17, 2007

    Very kind of you. It’s nice to meet my American twin 😉

  2. ramin
    August 11, 2007

    3DS Max 9 on Windows Vista 64 bit

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