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The Technology of Keeping a Marriage Together

I wuv u!, originally uploaded by jetteroheller.

If you’ve read any other post I’ve done, you can tell I’m a bit of a geek. I like playing soccer, I like mountain biking, but above these things l like technology. However, one thing that many people don’t know is that there is a technology for keeping a marriage together.

This is one thing that was a complete breakthrough that L. Ron Hubbard made in Scientology, in that marriages aren’t actually just hit-or-miss affairs where you either make it or you don’t. There are exact, specific things that one can do to keep a marriage together, and fix it up when it looks utterly hopeless.

Just so I don’t leave you in utter mystery, the principle secret of marriage comes under the heading of communication. There is a technology for communication in marriage, and it has everything to do with whether a marriage stays together or not. It’s a matter of what do you tell your spouse, and what do you decide she “doesn’t need to know”.

Media pundits which spout off these dorky data like, “after 3 years, married couples lose interest in each other” and things like this — it’s actually bull. If you know the basic technology of having a marriage (which is available in easy courses you can take at any Church of Scientology), you can actually keep a kickass marriage going indefinitely.

I only say this, as posting this particular Flickr image reminded me of the fact that I’m married for 7 years now, and I’m about 20 times more in love with my wife now than I was when we were married. So there, take that, media pundits.


4 comments on “The Technology of Keeping a Marriage Together

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  2. Lauren
    March 14, 2007

    I totally love this post !! The Marriage Film is so AMAZING as well that you can see at any Church of Scientology.

  3. Gnoletcom
    April 13, 2007

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  4. Jane
    August 28, 2007

    Awwww… that’s so sweet.

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