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Scientologist in England

Just found another Scientologist in England with a Blog.  This is John Wood at  Seems as though he definitely doesn’t like Psychiatry, and was quite enamoured with the new Church of Scientology in England, opened with speech by Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center, Mr. David Miscavige.  I can see why — as that place is fantastic.  He also has a site called Uptone PR, which has a lot of really nifty news releases, none of which are about executions, school shootings or stock market crashes.    Figured I’d mention it.

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One comment on “Scientologist in England

  1. John Wood
    January 6, 2007

    Thanks jetteroheller for mentioning me and my press releases and blog! This Scientology stuff is all so exciting! Especially now with a release like this – “The Church of Scientology International Announces Record Expansion of the Religion in 2006” – where it says: “Recapping the religion’s growth in 2006, Rev. Adams pointed out that in the last year more than 1,500 new centers, missions and churches of Scientology were opened, including large new central churches in both London and Berlin. With new groups this year in Afghanistan, Niger, and Bahrain the international Scientology presence now totals more than 7,500 centers, missions and churches in 163 nations.” …and that’s only after just over 50 years! (The Scientology religion was only established in 1954!)

    PLUS this new DVD release: that sold 86,000 copies in the first 2 days!

    See what I mean about it being an exciting time for Scientology right now?

    John Wood

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