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Something CAN be done about it: Australia Bushfires

If you’re in Melbourne, I’m sure things are starting to get pretty scary.

Satellite images from  show smoke from the fires burning in Victoria's east.

This NASA satilite image shows the smoke coming off of the brushfires currently going in Victoria, Australia. That’s several hundred miles of smoke, in case you’re not all in to Australian geography — the photo has southern Australia and northern Tasmania in view.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers are being urgently called to action to assist with this, to work alongside emergency rescue personnel to get this blaze put out. Contact the Scientology Volunteer Minister Coordinator to find out more.

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One comment on “Something CAN be done about it: Australia Bushfires

  1. Clayton
    February 9, 2009

    The pic is of Victoria and Tasmania, not South Australia and Tasmania.

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