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Dubai – Turning in to the Hong Kong of the Middle East

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In searching around once again for tall buildings (I’m a sucker for tall buildings) I came across the Burj Dubai, which is the outrageous skyscraper, soon to be the world’s tallest building.  The building itself is now under construction, and is right smack in the center of what is shaping up to be one of the world’s most unique and impressive skylines. 

There is actually an outrageous amount of construction, activity, and production going on in Dubai right now, which is actually quite intriguing.  Search around and you’ll find some of the most impressive housing developments (i.e. see the Palm Islands developments under construction right now — you’ll be floored). 

That is a place where I would love to set up a Scientology Mission and get Scientology technologies for business and education really in to use.  It’s always one of the best and worst times when you have a severe affluence like this area is experiencing, as without educating the general population, making managers that can really manage their organizations, etc, a boom can turn in to a crash.

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8 comments on “Dubai – Turning in to the Hong Kong of the Middle East

  1. Loona
    January 25, 2007

    im tired of searching around UAE and dubai for some Scientologists or anything that can lead .. Dubai is a Mixed culture community and sometimes i feel i am in another world that i have no relation with any other land or being part of a relegion. this what Dubai’s Life make you for all the rush in the day and the [time-killing] seeking after work. I believe in scientology as a Science as i am a logical person. Find your way here or contact me if you would want me to help you get here, i have my contacts.

    • Sandy
      April 29, 2011

      Hi Loona,

      I am a Scientology minister for the last 11years, I was thinking about planning to come to Dubai for short trips in case there are people who are interested in Scientology services, let me know if you want to know more.

  2. Terry Atkinson
    January 27, 2008


    I liked your comment about setting up a Scientology mission in Dubai.

    I am a Field Auditor and have had some thoughts about doing some auditing in an area that doesn’t yet have a lot of Scientology, but where there is a reach. I’ve considered Hong Kong and Dubai for a future adventure. Have a very busy Field Practice in Johannesburg, South Africa right now, but could plan for some adventure in the future or for short trips to other lands that need auditors.

    The PCs would have to be English-speaking.

    Do you know if there is anything yet in Dubai or any reach ? I saw there is a mission in Hong Kong.

    I am interested in auditing upstats who are eager for their Bridges, and who can exchange well. My husband and I between us can deliver from Book 1 and Intro Processes through Grad V.

    Would be interested to have any data you might have on either of these 2 places and what reach there is for Bridge.


    Terry Atkinson
    GAT Grad V Auditor

  3. turbotad
    April 20, 2008

    Terry: Don’t have any data on this, but I’d first get in contact with the Scientology Volunteer Ministers unit at — they many times deal with such things in new places.

  4. Asua Kenneth Egong
    October 24, 2008

    Its a gorgeous country i like to vesit it.I LOVE IT

    October 24, 2008


  6. Nakeeta
    November 7, 2008

    Hi There

    I’m a scientologist in Cape Town. Will be moving to Dubai in the New Year. I would be interested to meet.


  7. Tanja Djekic
    December 4, 2011

    Hello All,
    I was just looking on line to see if there are actually any other Scientologists in Dubai as I believe I am the only one. which kind of makes me laugh.And being in a muslim country I have almost been too scared to even say it as I dont know how well it will go down. I like your ideas of expanding here, however, after living here for the past couple years I actually think it would be pretty risky.
    This place is just SO random! The law is different every day and depending on who you cross paths with and who doesnt like you, one could end up in jail very easily for a minor thing or you could get away with something very wrong.
    Put it this way, we are having some stuff sent from an org in australia and we have advised them to make sure there is nothing on the outside of the package that says Scientology.
    Definately a “not what you know but who you know society”.
    Anyway, I’m still here and just thought I would say hi.
    Your posts are quite old so I’m guessing noone is here.


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