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Wikipedia Blocked in China a week after Wikipedia viewers were able to access the Web site — after a year-long ban — they reported Friday that it was blocked again in several parts of China.Chinese Web surfers and free-speech advocates had earlier welcomed the apparent lifting of a ban on the English and Chinese versions of the site that provides free information written and edited by its users, although skeptics had voiced fears the end of the ban would be temporary.”It was great news for us,” said Yuan Mingli, 33, a software engineer in Shanghai who has contributed articles on computer science and Chinese historical figures to the site. “China’s Internet users are not different from other countries’ users. Wikipedia is a very important source of information for us.”It wasn’t immediately clear if Wikipedia was inaccessible due to technical glitches or because government censors had blocked the site again. The Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Information Industry did not immediately respond when contacted for comment Friday.

Wikipedia blocked again in China –

I think the lack of free speech on the net in China is terrible, but still intriguing from an IT perspective.  Still, I wonder how many people from China are able to log on and find out about something like Scientology without getting proxy blocked.  I would think the list of subjects you’d get nailed on would be pretty extensive.

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