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Dianetics is Technology Anyone Can Use

I was always a bit of a geography buff, or perhaps geography nerd, so I always like talking about far-off countries and their relative ups and downs.

One I found interesting from an article I saw today on ScientologyToday, was this article about a youth named Zainab in Lagos, Nigeria.

Nigeria, and Lagos particularly, I think is a very curious combination – in that it is unofficially the second-largest city in Africa behind Cairo, yet it has such a massive rift in its people in terms of wealth.

With an oil boom and quite a bit of other mercantile traffic going through the city, it’s grown extremely rapidly of late, but unfortunately the infrastructure of the city has not kept pace at all with the growth of the city — which makes it an interesting paradox. From people I know who have flown there, it’s really more like a gigantic village than a modern city, despite the crowded downtown with its mid-rise buildings and such.

So, enter Scientology and Dianetics, which really are extremely new to Nigeria, though they’ve been around other parts of Africa for over 50 years:

Although she is only 9 years old, Zainab was determined to become a Dianetics auditor.

When 9 year-old Zainab came face-to-face with crime in her home city of Lagos, Nigeria, she learned first hand the harsh reality that millions of her neighbors have experienced. But despite her youth, Zainab knew enough of Dianetics1 technology that she was prepared to help her family when they needed it the most, which made her — and them — very happy indeed.

It started some months earlier when, despite her age, Zainab insisted on attending a Dianetics workshop.

The Scientology religion is relatively new to Nigeria. In fact there is only one Scientology Mission in the whole country. And that Mission, in the city of Lagos is headed by Zainab’s father.

As I heard Mr. David Miscavige speak of at a Scientology event once, one of the most important things that can happen to anyone is getting a Dianetics book into their hands, so they too can possess the needed technology to help others. As one can plainly see from this, however, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do Dianetics if even a 9-year-old girl from Nigeria can do it.


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