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The Next-Generation KDE Environment Review – Plasma

MadPenguin has taken a quick look at Plasma, the next gen. KDE environment. ‘Plasma is an ambitious project being pursued by the KDE 4 team which aims at providing a workflow-sensitive design of the user interface that improves productivity of an average KDE user.”

According to Zack Rusin, a prominent KDE developer, “Plasma will blow you away. Nothing you’ve ever seen or will see in the coming years will come even close to what you’ll experience with Plasma. And that’s a promise.”

I’m using KDE 3.5.1 right now, and with some mods, it’s already pretty good looking — better so than the Mac user that sits next to me. So, if they say KDE4 is going to to be a blow away, I can’t disagree.

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One comment on “The Next-Generation KDE Environment Review – Plasma

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