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Feedback on Social Bookmarking Services

I’m sort of curious what other people are thinking on Social Bookmarking services. I know that there’s a devoted following to Digg and Netscape, as those have a pretty serious readership. I know there’s a zillion people who use, but I find that UI a bit uninviting sometimes. So, that’s where I’m wondering what people think on other services.

I wrote a bit on Kaboodle, ClipClip, Otavo, Notefish, etc — but I’m wondering what other people think. I’ve always been a total gadget guy (one of those nerdy types that has a flash drive in his watch, etc), so I’m not the best person to survey. Anyone have anything to share? Comments open.


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This entry was posted on August 31, 2006 by in Blogroll, social bookmarking, Uncategorized.
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