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Okay, this is cool.

It’s hard enough finding really nifty apps which work on my Linux box, but this is just cool no matter how you slice it.

I was going on about ClipClip, and how it’s dead easy to just carve out pieces of a website and put it in a list of things for a particular subject to make it easy to find data on it.

A friend of mine just forwarded a link to me on NoteFish, which has got to be the niftiest web app I’ve seen working on my Linux machine.  Similar concept to ClipClip, except you can highlight and drag around items you find on the net, similar to the drag/drop interface on the Google home page or on Microsoft’s portal product.

I’ve never found an easier way to concisely communicate a subject I found on the Internet.  It’s not the right tool for everything (i.e. ClipClip and Otavo and so forth are still up there.), but it is DAMN cool.


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