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Another Addition to Social Bookmarking: Otavo

I had an earlier post where I describe a number of Social Bookmarking services which are cropping up all around the web, allowing the general public to contribute to the communication of websites.  I think it’s brilliant, personally.

Another addition to the bunch of excellent services I’ve run across so far is Otavo.  This service is similar to ClipClip, in that it allows the user to start an activity (or Quest, in the case of Otavo) which the user then finds pages for and adds them to the list of pages and links and excerpts for that quest.

It’s quite different than just searching for a keyword, as you get all sorts of random things when you’re just keyword searching on Google.  When you search by quest or activity, you generally get someone’s thought-through or pre-processed research on a particular topic.  For example, one thing I feel quite strongly about is the subject of Psychiatry.  If one looks up Psychiatry on Otavo,  you find a whole list of pages I research through and found on the subject.  Makes it easier for someone searching for the same thing.  Similarly, I’m a Scientologist – so I put together a number of pages which should answer the question if someone is searching about Scientology.

Otavo, in addition to a quick bookmarking feature for when you’re just wanting to add a page you’re on to an existing quest, has another rich text editor for adding items you find later — if you want to enter in your own descriptions and links.


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