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A Description of the Scientology Religion

I was just hopping around on my favourite news tool – – and found people still posting things and asking question as to an accurate and succinct definition of what Scientology is.

After going around to some various websites, I’ve dragged up what I, as a Scientologist, feel is a good definition or set of definitions for the everyday surfer trying to find out what Scinetology is.

First off, at, I found this page, entitled “A description of the Scientology Religion”.  This goes into graphic detail of what goes on in a Church of Scientology, and what Scientologists believe in.

If that doesn’t answer it for you, another answer could be found at, which has on the site a description of every major Scientology service that can be done in a Church of Scientology.  Scientology is an exact, applied religion, with exact actions which have been precisely worked out to handle unwanted conditions in life.  What one gets out of Scientology depends on what you yourself want to make better — but the bottom line is that Scientology is there to make the able more able.  It’s not for mental patients or crazy people, particularly.

For example:

The Success Through Communication Course:  Helps a person be in better communication with people around him and those he works with.  Communication is such a major part of day-to-day life, and many people would do anything if they could just communicate.  I’ve seen hundreds of people do this and have huge successes from doing so.

Scientology Assists“Assists… can help to relieve the physical and mental trauma from injury or illness.”L. Ron Hubbard    L. Ron Hubbard developed a tremendous number of assist processes over the years to help alleviate the effects of physical and emotional trauma and speed recovery.

The Purification Rundown: L. Ron Hubbard’s research revealed that drugs and toxic chemicals entering the body remain in the body and continue to affect a person adversely, making him feel dull and stupid. Life is more difficult to cope with as a result. From his research Ron developed the PURIFICATION RUNDOWN to deal with these harmful effects. The result is a person who can think clearly.

In terms of a further definition of Scientology, the Bridge is also explained on this site.

Hopefully that serves to explain things a bit better.

Additionally, Scientology can be further explained by things that Scientology groups do.



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